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How to Bond Someone Out of Jail

Contact Flint Bonding Service in Flint, MI

If your friend or family member needs to get out of jail, call Flint Bonding Service in Flint, MI. Here’s what you can expect during the process:

  • First, you’ll give the bond agent the name, date of birth and jail location of your friend or family member who’s been arrested.
  • Your bond agent will take care of the rest, including calling the jail, determining the charge and fees, getting the bond amount and doing paperwork.
  • Once we agree on our terms over the phone, we’ll set up a time to meet at the court and wait for the deputy to sign the release form.
  • If it’s a large bond, we might need collateral, but collateral is usually not required for small bonds.

Rely on Flint Bonding Service to take care of everything for you. Call us when you need fast and reliable bonding service.

Get out of jail as soon as possible

Relying on the services of a bond agency will save you money and get you out from behind bars as quickly as possible. With 60 years of experience, you can trust Flint Bonding Service to provide reliable bonding service when you need it most. We're located in Flint, MI and serve the Genesee County area.