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Need to Get Someone Out of Jail?

Contact our bonding service in Flint, MI and surrounding areas

When you work with the experienced professionals at Flint Bonding Service, you can expect to get out of jail fast. We offer cash or surety and cash or surety 10% bonds in Flint, MI and surrounding areas.

When you’re arrested, you have to wait up to 72 hours before you can get in front of a judge to receive a bond and set a court date. You can either pay the bond or wait in jail for your court date. The fastest and most economical way to get out of jail is to call Flint Bonding Service for a bail bond.

3 ways we offer exceptional bonding service

If you receive a call from a loved one in jail, you can rely on Flint Bonding Service to secure a bond. Here's why we're your preferred bonding agent in Flint, MI and surrounding areas:

  1. We offer 24/7 service: Call us anytime when you need to secure a bond.
  2. We do have payment plans available.
  3. You'll get encouragement and support: You can rely on us to help you get through this stressful time.

Call 810-238-6143 to secure a bond from a bonding agency with over 60 years of experience.